Health & Safety Survey 2023

Regularly during his in-person town hall talks, our Managing Director Jim Mathieson discusses Health & Safety from a reporting perspective and also, if needed, from a lessons learned perspective. He’s passionate about Health & Safety and instils this core company value across our business.

Our latest annual health & safety survey found that 98% of employees believe senior management regard Health & Safety as a priority. Within the Transform team Health & Safety is fundamental to how we operate, with 94% of employees believing that senior management communicate Health & Safety issues clearly, this validation of our value is encouraging.

Health & Safety cannot be the sole preserve of senior management, however. Again, this was reflected in the survey results.

97% of employees across the whole business (of c.170 people in a range of disciplines – from office functions to site-based) feel they have a part to play in Health & Safety.

Every employee within Space Solutions either agrees or strongly agrees with the statement that the Health & Safety risks associated with each role are well understood. This is testimony to the work done to assess and minimise risks by all.

Broadly speaking, our performance in terms of Health & Safety and our teams’ understanding of the issues continues to improve (as it has done for the past two years). In Transform we want to continue this trend but we believe that this is no time for complacency. We want to be known for quality projects, for sustainable projects, but also to repeat one of Jim’s phrases, we want to send all our people home in one piece at the end of the day.

The 2022 Health & Safety survey responses were very encouraging and gives us a firm foundation to build on. There is always room for improvement and, as a team, we will be looking in detail at the responses in the next few months to understand where we need to make changes – whether that be in processes, equipment or in communications.

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