Sustainability is a fundamental part of all our projects and contracts, with clear environmental, sustainable, ethical and social outcomes driving our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Staying sustainable through innovation and education

It’s our responsibility to treat both people and space with respect now and in the future, with a view to effecting change in a proactive way. Through Continuous Professional Development and constantly striving to introduce new and innovative products and solutions, we:

  • Ensure we meet (or exceed) evolving legislative requirements
  • Encourage staff development so we can create a workforce that can effect change
  • Work with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure we’re all upholding the same standards

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our largest impact on the environment is through vehicle use. Over the past four years, we’ve committed to reducing the CO2 levels of our vehicle fleet.

We’ve achieved a 10% reduction on the average fleet and we continue to source lower CO2 emitting vehicles.

Our Environmental Impact

We always aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle, both in the output of our work and in our day-to-day business. When we can, we use locally sourced and sustainable components and we plan our works in a way that minimises waste.

Where possible we reuse redundant materials, cutting down costs for our clients and supporting their CSR goals. Our partner division, Recycle Scotland, has a clear reuse strategy for extending the life of products. They can collect redundant workplace furniture and remanufacture, resell or, as a last resort, divide it into component parts for recycling.

Learn more about Recycle Scotland